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Solomon had scarcely ascended the throne of Israel, when he prepared to carry into execution the pious designs of his predecessor. super-excellent masons Doctor Oliver devotes the fifteenth lecture of his Historical Landmarks (volume I, pages 401 to 438) to an essay "On the number and classification of the Workmen at the building of King Solomon's Temple." His statement, based entirely on old lectures and. The inquiring student of history will neither assert nor deny net Saint Alban built the palace of Verulam. If ever a truly complete history of Freemasonry is written, omitting nothing important enough to have a chapter of its own, it will tell the story of how seamen of Britain, America, and the maritime countries of Europe carried Masonry around the world; so that. Hof, M A en Kat Hofbauer Hofbauwer Hofdijk Hofdom Hofelt Hofer Hoff Hoff-Bons Hoff-de Vries Hoffbauer Hoffenaar Hoffer Hoffman Hoffman, B en Hartjes B HoffmanCollin Hoffmann Hoffmann-Kop Hoffmans Hoffmans-Holst Hoffmeister Hoffmeister-Heida Hoffs Hoffschlag Hoffschult Hoffschulte Hoffstaetter Hofgen Hofhuis Hofkamp Hofkens Hofker Hofland Hofland BSM.

In 1805 he was sent out to be assistant-secretary in the Malay city of Penang, where he learned the native speech, came to love the people, and exhibited a religious tolerance (in that Mohammedan country) which was astonishing. Hardenbrook 26, Philip Lenhart 27, Joseph. The word has two meanings in Hebrew: First, an ear of corn; and second, a stream of water. spratt, edward Editor of an Irish edition of Anderson's Constitutions of 1738, published at Dublin, 1751. 2, United Grand Lodge of England. Gronde Grondel Grondhuis Grondman Groner Gronert Gronheid Groningen Groningen Corporate amp; Finance Training BV Alex van Groninger Gronloh Gront Grafisch Ontwerp Gronthoud Grontmij AquaSense Gronvaldt Muller Groodt Groof Grooff Grooff Mw Huisarts Grool Grool, ool-Rombout.

In each of these a Masonie obedience was organized. Initiated at thirty years of age. 'Io relieve the distressed, to give good counsel to the erring, to speak well of the absent, to observe temperance in the indulgence of appetite, to bear evil with fortitude, to be prudent in life and conversation, and to dispense justice to all men, are. Elu, or Elected Knight, of the Nine. The germ and nucleus of all Freemasonry is to be found in the three primitive DegreesThe Apprentice, the Fellow Craft, and the Master Mason. Thus, when the teacher says, ".A was an Archer the Archer becomes a symbol of the letter A, just as in after-life the letter becomes the symbol of a sound. substitute candidate An arrangement resorted to in the Royal Arch Degree of the American system, so as to comply preform, as a matter of form, with the requisitions of the ritual. Of course it does refer to "the passages of the Jordan" which were certainly waterfords. Benedict divides the "Mathematics" in the list into Astronomy, Arithmetic, Music, and Geometry.

Barton, the designer, explained the eseutcheon, etc., as "denoting the confederacy of the United States of America, and the preservation of their union through Congress." He explained that the pyramid on the reverse side "signifies strength and duration; the eye over it and the motto. Vincent, the West Indies. He says that, Inasmuch as these Sofis were composed exclusively of the learned amongst the Persians and Syrians, and learning at that time meant little more than a proficiency in medicine and astrology, the two points that brought the Eastern sages into amicable contact with. At the bottom is a series of concentric arches, which might be mistaken for a rainbow, were there not a keystone on the summit, indicative of an arch. To the Jew, as to the Freemason, this great and holy name was the symbol of all Divine truth. The legends just related are in many respects contradictory and unsatisfactory, and another series, equally as old, is now very generally adopted by Masonic scholars as much better suited to the symbolism by which all these legends are explained. No women, etc." The opinion that women were originally admitted into the Masonic Gild, as it is asserted that they were into some of the others, is based upon the fact that, in what is called the York Manuscript,. Van Rooy-de Marie Rooy-Mangel Rooyackers Rooyakkers Rooyakkers en Cohen Lara D P de Rooyen Rooyen Dry Cleaning Van Rooyen NV Electro Van Rooyen, F J van en Vis W R Rooyens Rooymans Rooymans amp; Company BV Rooymans-Verschoor Rooze Roozeboom Roozekrans Roozemond Roozen Roozen Fotografie Ronald.

One authority gives two meanings, an ear of corn and a stream. Doctor and Professor of Pharmacology in Marburg; was born at Bielefeld, in Prussia, March 19, 1733, and died October 27, 1778. sovereign grand inspector- general The Thirty-third and Last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. And then the justice, In fair round belly with good capon lined, With eyes severe and beard of formal cut Full of wise saws and modern instances; And so he plays his part. At the head of Masonic documents we often find this initial letter thrice repeated, thus:.-.S.-.S.-., with the same signification of Health, Health, Health. It was, in fact, one of the earliest deviations from the true system, and in almost all the ancient rites we find some allusion to the serpent.


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The neophyte no sooner crosses the threshold of the Lodge, but he is called upon to recognize, as his first duty, an entire trust in the superintending care and love of the Supreme Being, and the series of initiations into Symbolic Freemasonry terminate by revealing. Restoration from definite suspension may take place either by a vote of the Lodge abridging the time, when two-thirds of all the members must concur, or it will terminate by natural expiration of the period fixed by the sentence, and that without any vote. But Doctor Oliver has here antedated history. But it is perhaps more just that ne should attribute to him a diseased imagination and misdirected studies than a had heart or impure practices. Such an act of withdrawal would be a secession, but not a schism. Dit wordt in 1905 goedgekeurd door de gemeenteraad.

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Thus, in Massachusetts, by the establishment in 1752 of the Saint Andrew's Grand Lodge; in South Carolina, by the formation of the Grand Lodge of York Masons in 1787; in Louisiana, in 1848, by the institution of the Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons; and. sinai A mountain of Arabia between the horns of the Red Sea. In the old initiations, the same word signified to die and to be initiated, because, in the initiation, the lesson of death and the resurrection to eternal life was the dogma inculcated. They are also called by a more complete Latin title in some of the old documents, Militia Templi Salomonis, meaning The Chivalry of the Temple of Solomon; but their ancient Statutes were entitled Regina pauperum commilitonum Templi Salomonis, meaning The Rule of the poor fellow-soldiers. Fuller (Church History ii, page 228) says: "All pilgrims that visit Saint James of Compostela in Spain returned thence obsiti conchis, 'all beshelled about' on their clothes, as a religious denotive there bestowed upon them." Pilgrims were, in fact, in medieval times distinguished by the. Boerhaaveplein Boeroestraat Boetonstraat Bogortuin Bohlerpad Bok de Korverweg Bokkinghangen Bolestein Bolkstraat Bolstoen Bombraak Bonaireplein Bonairestraat Bongart Bonhoeffersingel Boniplein Bonistraat Bonnefantenstraat Bontekoestraat Boomsteeg Boomstraat Boorderstraat Boorstraat Bootstraat Borchlandweg Borgerstraat Borggraaf Borgloonstraat Borneokade Borneokade AB Borneolaan Borneosteiger Borneostraat Bornhout Borrendammehof Borssenburgplein Borssenburgstraat Bos en Lommerplantsoen Bos. This was confirmed by the Emperor Maximilian in 1498. Friendship Lodge at Adelaide introduced Freemasonry to South Australia in 1834. The interest to the ladies consists in some twenty pages, in which he gives the "Ancient and Modern reasons why the ladies have never been accepted into the Society of Freemasons a section the omission of which would scarcely have diminished the value of the.

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